maintenance day

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It is one of those maintenance days. You know, the kind of day with a list of tasks a mile long and everything on the list is boring. Laundry, filing, bookeeping. blah. All the things that by nature are ongoing and thus neverending which goes against my need for closure. I love to create things. In creating there is a beginning, a process of discovery, and a conclusion. I love that. Maintenance tasks on the other hand, are pesky little things that just cycle around. And what is even worse is if ignored, maintenance tasks become monsters that can gobble up the time set aside for the good stuff. It is like a clown car speeding around when suddenly the doors fly open and the clowns start to pile out and they just keep coming until the room is filled with clowns. Maintenance tasks can be like that. I know I have entered crisis mode when all I am doing is maintenance tasks. So today I beat back the monster that would dare to take a bite out of my artist date tomorrow. There is much to do for that reward.

Time to fold socks.

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