revenge of the right brain


Bryan picked up a copy of this months WIRED mag while at the airport with me and it had an article that made me all warm and fuzzy. A must read,Revenge Of The Right Brain is a plug for those of us that have felt a little, shall we say, boxed in. Step aside all you left brainers it is our turn!

Having spent a number of years working hard at censoring myself to function in a left brain dominated society I feel like I can relax a little. According to this article the rules are changing. Of course anybody in the emergent/pomo headspace has known this for quite some time. Me for one after paying my dues and repeatedly banging my head against this particular glass ceiling am glad to see it crack. There is hope!

image from WIRED magazine


I saw that on the news stand - just the cover line made me pump my fist in the air!

How are you holding up, having long-ish term company?

isn't that an amazing article - it gives me so much hope! our children are both very creative and intuitive - so i hope they eventually flourish in this new workplace.

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