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Well I have officially joined the ranks of adding yet another christian "resource" to the shelves. I have been completely convinced that the world is moving into a less materialistic cycle with the need to own everything to the more downloadable cylcle which makes sharing and borrowing a more attractive (and clutter free!) life. Especially in ministry. So why in the world would my little company decide to produce hard product?

Advertising. I know it is crass, gross, etc. but I am constantly straddling the real world and artistic concept utopia, business and ministry. The beauty of a product meant for advertising is that people actually pay you for it. So I can pay my artists, and so on and so on. Works pretty well actually.

And I guess there is still something compelling about holding something in your hand. Like reading a book with real pages rather than online. sigh. And although I feel like I am moving backwords a few steps my own vanity likes the feel of a "product" too. (small childs voice saying,"look at what I made".)

I also have to recognize that the reality of the art world in the lets-design-a service-using-art church sense is in some serious need of direction. From artists. Not pastors, youth pastors, programming directors (add your favorite pronoun here). This sounds arrogant but the truth is that not all pastors, even the ones that appreciate art, know how to allow the artist voice to be heard without trying to control it with the result being a diminished voice.

So what's this rant about?

I am an artist advocate. I am all about giving artists a voice. Problem is... who is going to hear it? Unless the word gets out. So this little product because of what it is gets into the hands of those who just haven't crossed over into the download world. It is basically a giant calling card for the planet and more importantly, for a community of artists creating what they feel led to create. People need to see the artists and make the connection that there is something unique to be heard rather than creating so much formula that what remains is so generic that it doesn't really relate to anyone.

So I am both apologetic and proud of our little CD project. It is shipping on March 4th. Somebody somewhere pop a cork.



blair! good for you!
from where you stand, it may sound like crass consumerism, but from lots of other places it's like receiving the gift of art for the first time. lots of churches need to consider the visual and you will help them do just that in a very beautiful timely way.

i think it's brilliant too blair! btw - you made my husband's day! thank you!

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