extrovert hangover

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I am back from my trip and am intent on the "sorting out" of all the thoughts bouncing around in my head like steel balls in a pinball machine. For me this takes time. Even my morning yoga couldn't escape the persistant fast forward-rewind of all the conversations that I had with some really cool and insightful people. The experience for me (obsessed with food metaphors, what can I say) was like opening a can of condensed mushroom soup and eating the contents with a spoon.

Now I need to burp.

I went to hear the swill of ideas in a setting stuffed with emergent thought (whatever). I also went to add my thoughts to anyone who might be kind enough to indulge me (bless you). So here I sit in the monday morning position, and as I begin the work of wading through the mail and uploading new work from five artists that came in while I was gone, I will reflect and digest all the contents of the emergent gathering can. Hopefully I can also dislodge from it a little. I knew I was totally emersed when I heard myself using the word "context" in a conversation. Hey every subculture has its lingo and we would be arrogant to deny it. Hopefully emergentspeak isn't the new christianese. Let us pray.

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