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It is the sound of time. Especially this time of year. No matter how much I think I can grab hold of it there is always that annoying but familiar "whooshhh" sound that accompanies the days between thanksgiving and christmas. This year would be different because the pace at the anderson house is a bit slower (or so I thought). Try as I might to keep things at a life-manageable tempo I see the date on the calendar and wonder what happened. And here I thought I might just get some chrismas cards in the mail before Dec. 30th. Oh well, I guess it will be new years cards instead.

I am steeling myself from a sense of defeat. Just as I think I am ramping up to the holiday, eager and oh-so-prepared for it this year I am hit over the head with the fact that there is too much to do in too little time. Or maybe it is the sense of too many unwanted obligations that the culture this time of year piles on. It is a weird entity that forces you to spend money that you didn't plan to spend, and talk to people that you didn't really want to talk to. Fight traffic, rush rush rush. No blogging for you, there is no time. When did I sign up for this?

In truth, it is probably not the speediness of time, but my own rebellion against obligation that is pressing in. That is it. It is that icky sensation of feeling out of control.

Thank god and Jeff Bezos. What would I do without amazon?

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