painting with paint part two, drum roll please…


Well, it was tons of fun and that was the point. But having opened the proverbial box I am now hooked. I have bought more paint and have already cut the wood for a second canvas. Woohoo!

it is called seeds. interpret how you like, but for me it was a visual way to depict the source of creativity (god) and those receiving that gift (or not) and then growing the gift and sharing it with the world. God and all things good are represented in the "swirlies". Although I did not set out to depict the parable of the talents, the symbolism fits. The source from above feeds those below and they, upon receiving the gift, bear fruit. The portals are the windows to the world in which the fruit is shared. Two of the souls drinking in the goodness join in the cycle, but the one poor soul, with teeth clenched in refusal, misses out. The contrast represents free will.

Or if you just can't stand contemporary art and need something representational to grab hold of, it is a picture of olive headed, infant eating, pod people holding weird red seeds.; )



lol...I knew it! I knew it was really pod people! ;-)

it's beautiful blair! i love the windows. i've been receiving the seed and have no windows right now. this speaks to the place i want to be soon. thank you.

bobbie, thanks for gaining meaning of your own through my painting, gives me the most joy. your windows will come, and if you are like me, probably in the most unlikely places.

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