many directions



this was one of the many images i created on friday. i was in the zone. what a buzz. some subconscience stuff regarding opportunities, direction, future. many things my mind won't acknowledge that ultimately comes out in my art. god still directs my path.


These are gorgeous! And evocative (Is that spelled right?)

blair this is awesome!
can i reprint any of your art on my blog and send the traffic and credits back to you? no worries if you'd rather not.
i've been thinking about you a lot and thinking we need to carve out a sunday morning takoma park farmer's market excursion.
miss you

Thanks Betsy. I did a whole series of these on a very good day. Jen, feel free to reprint anything. I am still not too blog savy so I haven't figured out how to link to other peoples blogs yet. Just now figured out the comment thing. Yes, farmers market would be very cool.

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