he is learning to drive


I guess when we andersons do something it can't be small. Today I watched our son drive for the first time. Backing out of our neighbor's driveway (cuz that is where the instructor parked) I spied from behind our screen door my heart pounding. I guess this is just as much a moment for a parent as it is for a kid. There was a big construction crew across the street working on our sewer tap. And to my delight and probably Daniel's chagrin, the forman (after whistling at me) started yelling for his team to make way, shouting, "He is learning how to drive!" Bad enough that the car has the company logo of "Arrive Alive" plastered all over it. The kind construction crew orchestrated the traffic while Daniel navigated his first few feet behind the wheel. Inching his way out I said a prayer. I thought that the name of the driving school was stupid. Now I am not so sure. Being the habitual nail biter that I am, I don't think I have enough nails for this event even if I resorted to my toes. We are too young for this.


this post makes me smile.
my mother could not stand to drive with us, the stress just killed her when we were learning. it seemed so strange at the time, but now i can start to imagine what she was feeling.
i will stop here and not tell you all the things we did with that car once we were out of her sight! ;)

i'm smiling too! as the wife of a youth pastor i have this conversation with too many parents! as i age i am continually thinking maybe the driving age should be pushed back to 18... :)

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