he's 40

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He is 40!

A jumble of images flood me as I step back from the celebration last night. Friends filled our home as we celebrated Bryan's milestone of 40. He insisted on cooking even though it was his birthday and so everyone got to partake of his culinary gifts. Chicken Scarpiello with onions and sweet sausage was the entree. Friends brought wine and wishes for the future as we enjoyed being crowded together around our dining room table. Betsy graciously brought an awesome chocolate cake (Betsy, I want the recipe so that Bryan can make it again) that we stuck with candles for the traditional singing of happy birthday. Bryan finished with a flourish making Bananas Foster flambe with flames that threatened to hit the ceiling. I later secretly checked the light above the cooktop thinking that it might have been singed but it was fine. Daniel made capuccino and Jane and Eric brought a dessert wine that we all shared as we chatted in the living room until it got late. It was all so good.

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