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Monday morning, back at my little table (I think it has become my official blogging table) I am reflecting. My brain usually takes a few days to calm down after being with lots of people. Today it is calmed. The loud flood of voices that make up the replay of events in my head have subsided into a nice comfortable drone and I can pick them out and reflect on each one instead of feeling overwhelmed. It is my traditional unpacking of an experience and my familiar mode as an introvert. It includes a couple days of sleep, some silence, and precious time with my family. It is nothing new. I will go through my pictures today and get another wave as I view them. What an awesome time I had at the emerging women leaders gathering.

Bringing back the faces I can connect the thoughts and expressions, feelings and all with each one, here are a few there are so many more, but I continue to process...

Thanks to Jen for being so "doula" in your approach to life, people, and the ewl gathering. For Holly and Kelly, and Heather and Grace, and how beautifully you all worked together with your very different strengths and gifts to make a dream into a reality. It was fun to watch you navigate the logistical challenges together. For Debra showing me how to dread my hair and for a real picture of milk and honey. For Rachelle and our chat about art in her context, I really want to talk more, or even visit. For Heather and Laci for listening to my embarassing meltdown and not thinking less of me. For Denise and Linea and their group leadership. For Rebecca's metaphor of clay. Thank you April, for a great conversation more reconciliation to follow I hope. I am so thankful to have finally met Sally Morganthaler and thrilled to have found a kindred spirit there. Debbie Blue for your histerically funny take on the tower of babel as a phallic symbol. Ok there is so much more and this is sounding stupid and campy but oh, well. I continue to process. Pictures will follow.

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