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Creative fires may be burning today, but it is too early to really tell. It is only 8 in the morning and what artist in their right mind would be creative so early. So I wait. There are a number of things that need to be done today. Pesky chores, the kind that keep things running. I am so uninspired by the chores that need repeating. Laundry is an example. It never ends. The instant you finish the last load you aren't really finished due to the outfit you have on. Short of running around naked, I can have no closure in laundry.

Cooking comes in at a close second. Although my husband views cooking as a sport I regard it simply as another chore. Although there is a creative element to it, I am uninspired by the fact that the creation, once eaten, disappears. I guess I have a need for my creative "children" to hang around for awhile. So cooking is no good.

But today the chores are more of the business type. Bookeeping, filing, etc. The boring parts of my business. But since I feel blessed by having a business that alows me to work at home I welcome even the pesky chores. So maybe it is good that the creative fires arent burning at the moment. I can get some of the less than creative work done first.

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