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Day five of the girls vegas trip is the big night on the town. It has become a tradition to see at one big show and have a nice dinner for mom's b-day. Tonight we are off to Mandalay Bay to see Loin King.
The previous years were:
1. O
2. Phantom
3. Jersey Boys
So that brings us to year 4

It always amazes me the impact that these shows have. The minute the music started with the vocal talent of the woman who played the character Rifiki, I broke into tears.

Happens every time.

Something about excellence in art (in any form) overwhelms me and makes me cry. The performance tapped so many creative levels with full body puppetry, percussion, and so much color...


Waiting for the taxi.

Three of us playing wheel of fortune, taking turns pressing the button. Mom's turn...
wins $100

Dinner at RM Seafood

A fine Pinot Noir; Educated Guess 2007

Seared Tuna

In our seats at Lion King


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