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There is nothing quite like looking up from your studio desk and seeing one of these looking down through your window at you. In my solitude I heard myself say "Whoa" at the spit second that it registered in my brain what I was looking at. In fact, I should have shot the picture right as I saw it from my desk instead of going outside to get the shot. But you get the idea. It stretched out to about 4 and a half feet long and seemed happy enough to drape itself all over the stucco wall just outside my window.

Another wild thing to add to my list of critters that we have seen here over the years. Welcome to Blair's art studio and wild animal park.



Wow! He's a nice one. Keep him around he will help with the mice.

I would need the whole day to calm down


there is absolutely no chance that I would LEAVE THE HOUSE and get CLOSER to a snake. Excellent photos, though.

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