meet the artist night-thanks!


Just a quick thanks to everyone that came out for "meet the artist night" last saturday.

It is always great to get an idea of what you all think and what ways (if any) my work speaks to you. It helps remind me that even though I paint in isolation, and don't have a plan or agenda, that there is some sort of cosmic connection going on from-muse, through-artist, to-viewer. It is great when I see the message of the muse hit the viewer. It makes me feel like a conduit. Kinda cool and definitely humbling.

So thanks for your comments, smiles, critiques, and encouragement!



Totally Awsome!!! Wish I could have been there to see everything, but thanks for all the pictures. Some very interesting stuff and funny too. How soon do you have to sign up for next year?

One more comment. Other than your work my favorite is the Terra-Cotta butt-kicking warrior babes

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