snow day is a different day

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It came a little late this year but it doesn't matter. Like little boys everywhere who have no school today due to snow we have a very grateful boy in our house as well.

my husband.

Truly I have never seen a grown man wish for a snow day as if he still owned a sled. Thanks to being employed by the University of Maryland, he and all his other co-workers get to be ten again... and stay home.

Ok, he may not be pulling out a sled, in fact more likely it will be a shovel for clearing the driveway. But no matter. It is a break from the norm... a breath... being forced to stop for just a moment.

which is good.

So I will make a big pot of minestrone and we will all stay in and be grateful for a warm house, good food, and a day that is different.






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TOTALLY AWSOME!!! Thanks for the snow fix. I really do miss it sometimes. Wearing big boots sludging through the snow breathing in that crystal cold air looking for the horses. Pitching them some hay, then going back inside for something hot to eat or drink. I always loved that. Bill thinks I'm nuts! But he is an Arizona Boy.

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