the measure of a man: how he campaigns


I have been a good girl in terms of ranting about the political candidates and their behaviors. I have held my tongue trusting that they will act like virtuous men and behave like we hope they will, showing what we think real american character is. Like so many, I have endured the slosh and slander that candidates are tempted to use to win in the last days.

But enough is enough.

Cutting taxes is not a socialist plot. In fact both candidates have tax policies that use the same principles (but to different classes).

Shame on you McCain for resorting to these tactics. If you had any honor won by your five years in a POW camp you have spent it all on the slander you propagate now and the slander that you encourage your vp to slosh with little care.

Our country is so much better than that.

I am proud that upon sending a letter to "my candidate", I could say, "continue with a clean campaign, we "the people" are watching, and are impressed with the fact that you haven't stooped into the fray.

A tax cut for rich people is conservative, but a tax cut for poor people is Socialist? Shame on you McCain for invoking the "S" word for those less than educated folk that can't tell the difference. The fear factor is the last, worst tactic and diminishes ones character. Especially after the forced bank funding that makes a successful bank like BOA accept funds to equalize it with lesser banks in order to stableize the economy. Essentially stalling a successful capitalist company. Yes, BOA wasn't given a choice by the government.

And you dare to use the "S" word now?


At one point I may have been on the fence. My family going way back has been hard core republican, but again and again when I see the low road taken by you McCain, I get a creepy feeling in my stomach (and frankly, past campaigns... the ends do not justify the means).

See, I am an idealist. I still believe in virtue. I still believe that one can be rewarded by acting in good character and using honesty and trust to communicate values in order for others to decide if you are worthy...

rather than resort to distortions, fear, and lies to send folk into a fearful frenzy.

The problem is that the past has shown that sometimes these sleezy tactics work to steer people away from fact. If one was to stoop... tit-for-tat...

well just the comparison of Gord Liddy to Bill Ayers...

and yet some people choose not to drag up that dirt to sully their opponent's past...

And frankly, it is the measure of that man that this country needs. Maybe daring to be a little bit above the fray and run a campaign on the issues rather than twisting your opponents' character. To be inclusive and inspirational and productive in your ways...

Thank you Colin Powell for your words about this issue. To call the "r" candidate on the carpet and call it despicable....

it truly is.

And I truly am thankful for someone finally mentioning that if Obama was a Muslim (which the first, knee-jerk reaction is to say... no, no, he is a Christian (which is true)), the other less spoken issue is that... if he was a Muslim... it should not be a problem in the great country of America supposedly founded on religious freedom...

Thank you Colin Powell for finally making that point that so many of us had rattling around in the back of our heads.

And not letting that question sit and stew for folk who don't think any further than their nose.

And having the distinguished (republican) Colin Powell indorse Obama after comparing his friend of so many years (McCain) with the newer offering (Obama) that Powell took the time to get to know and examine...

well it was refreshing to hear an experienced republican general say we need something new...

in Obama.

And he was more gracious than I right now in his rebuke of McCain's tactics.

A man who may soon take the highest office in this government (and the world) should take the higher ground and have a little self control, resist the temptation to stoop to such a low tactic as smearing your opponent with prosecutable slander. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely. Here is proof.

Shame on you McCain.

If I were on the fence before... I am not any more.


Yeah, what you said. I re-watched Barack Obama's 2004 speech to the Democratic convention; the message has not changed, it has matured, it has developed, the bones are the same. I haven't been on the fence for a while.

I'm sorry you are so angry. Take a breath it will be fine. I know we are on opposite sides of the fence but either way it will be fine. "After all tomorrow is another day".

be passionate but don't let it get under your skin.
Love Ya Big Sis

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