psycho and the state of affairs

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Can you imagine my glee when after pouring over ideas of how to invigorate my stalling business, spending way too much brain power (and sleep loss) on how to explain my position as an Obama supporter to my family and anyone else who wanted to listen, and thinking way too hard about inconsequential things like how much pepper to put in the fettucini because my son's vegetarian girlfriend was staying for dinner, I sat down in front of the tv with a glass of chardonnay and discovered that Psycho was on tv.

the classic Hitchcock version.

and just coming from the Suzie Orman show- her explaining the whats and why's of where the economy is...

time to turn the brain into neutral...

or at least enjoy the craft of a creative genius like Hitchcock...

in blissful black and white.

Simple pleasures are the best.

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