Visitors from the north

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A rare occasion this weekend was having Bryan's sister Laurelle, her husband Mike, and their two kids, Jayden and Heidi come for a visit. What a fun time. Not only did we cram a trip to DC, Baltimore, and Six Flags, a ballgame and a movie into four days but our swimming pool has never seen so much action. And then there were the chess lessons for Jayden with Bryan and Daniel teaching, and the "High School Musical" lessons with Heidi teaching. (Heidi is only four but despite her limited size and age she is a fashionista through and through and does a mean Sharpe Evens impression.)

Chess lessons.



getting on the metro. Notice big brother's protective grip on little sister who kept wanting to step over the line.


At the Washington Monument Heidi on Mike's shoulders.


Time in the pool.

Jayden pulling Heidi around in the floaty. Heidi willing to model a bathing suit (she had several) but not wanting to get her hair wet!


Everyone in pool. Bryan showing Jayden how to put on the snorkel.


Jayden snorkeling like a pro.


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