monday night ritual: Adega

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We have a place that we go to every monday night. It is a little wine shop that serve great food, great wine but is really cheap and we have come to really love the people who gather and work there. It is like a modern Monmarte tucked into our town. If you live near Silver Spring I highly recommend it.

A good wine and some tasty, fresh food, a good desert and some great company...

what could be better than that to start your week.

ZAZIN pairs nicely with a burger.

Here our friend and artist Luis exchanges a friendly banter with Rebecca, who works there. Rebecca also plays the viola. For some reason the place attracts artists, both working there and eating there. Tonight we chatted with Jared who is in theatre and ministry. We saw some of Ben's paintings via Luis. Both these guys are waiters. Another waiter, Michael who yells out the numbers of orders in a big booming voice was not there tonight...he is a photographer with work hanging in the restaurant. We have been such regulars there that the staff know us as "the andersons" and treat us like family. It is an interesting place.


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