a long way from home

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Today I feel as if I am displaced. I feel like I am a long long way from home, which can be a positive thing if it is a way to track if you are moving in the right direction. If you long for the destination you must be going the right way. But tending to the journey has always been something that I have had to work at. I have been very intentional about this through our family life, intentional about our travel, making memories, being present. Looking back I am pleased with what has been, what was accomplished, and where it has taken us. Discernment and following.

But today I feel displaced in a way that can either bring discontent, or be channeled into something more productive. Time to recalibrate. When things seem like they are in front of me too much instead of me infront of them I get a little uncomfortable. A reactive state as opposed to a proactive state just feels yucky to this INTJ. Sometimes it comes from things that are just out of my control, and sometimes it comes as a result of procrastinating one thing to accomplish another, or just because I don't want to do it... today.

Ever get that way?

Employing some reflection and a little bit of focus and things should come clear. Truthfully the target is in sight, but it is a pretty big target and the journey is not a straight line, in fact some of the road I can not see yet.

Discernment and following.


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