a few more bricks

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Today Bryan and I were still in serious rest mode, but the wall continued to taunt us as this project only moves forward on the weekends and Bryan's days off. Mustering a little energy in spite of the ninety degree heat, Bryan decided to lay a few more bricks.

Notice I said, Bryan.

I was not much help managing only to tote a couple bricks from one side of the yard to the other and hauling a little gravel and sand. No, I spent the time sprawled on our purple floaty in the pool.(and I am so grateful that no one snapped a picture of THAT.)

It was just too hot, and I was still too tired.

But the heroic Bryan made great strides with the base coarse. It really is the hardest, and most tedious part(aside from the initial excavation last year).

At the end of the row.


Leveling, leveling, leveling, leveling...


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