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The Queen said to Alice, "We're running as fast as we can to stay in place."


Reflecting a little on this year has me certain that I don't want to be one of those people who's self esteem is wrapped up in being busy.


But it is a tricky dance to dance when so much of what "needs to be done" is simple reality and is just what is required to maintain a day to day, culturally acceptable, american-dream, albeit middle-class household whos denizens are relatively educated, fed, clothed and sufficiently updated with the latest technological gadgetry while maintaining multiple sideline interests along with what actually brings in a living.


Which all, apparently, relates to something about "the pursuit of happiness", or was it haplessness?

Okay I think it is a house of cards.

No disrespect to the demented mind of Lewis Carroll, in fact I think the Queen of Hearts had it right.

And coming to the end of this year I feel a bit like the mad hatter.

So, thankfully, although not financially prudent right now, my little family is headed to our sand in a few days for some serious, do-nothing, rest. Off to our bahamas plot to accomplish little more than survey the plantlife and maybe some rock removal. Otherwise it will be a time of being unplugged from the pace of DC. I know that for me I need to spend time there to remember a few things. Remember why we started the big dream, because like the gorilla in the cage in the movie "Instinct", the dream has gotten pretty clouded by what we call real life, and I need a refresher on an idea that seemed insane at the time but was probably the antithesis.

The insanity is the reality, and I feel as if I have been brainwashed.

Truly, I have heard so many people express their life in terms typically found in stress management manuals.

Why is this?

Do you ever have moments where an activity like cleaning out the sock drawer might seem like climbing everest?

Too many socks.

So as I continue to reflect, I notice a common (probably nauseating to anyone reading) thread through my blog this year. It is the desire to simplify. We talk about it and yet it is so hard to do without implementing huge wholesale change. And that can be shocking at first. And complicated. Paradox.

So I hope to come back with a fresh perspective and new wisdom on how to strive for simplification and balance while living down the rabbit hole. Maybe the experience will be a productive reminder on the stark differences between island life and here which will help inform what we are aiming to create.

A peaceful place to foster creativity.

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