its not good...


Those were Bryan's words to me yesterday morning. His way of communicating something catastrophic while putting a positive spin on it. Gotta luv him.

"Its not good? So does that mean, really really really BAD?" I said, knowing his MO.

It's not good.

The target of our cryptic discussion is my G5 hardrive.

The computer that contains my life in its steely innards.

The computer that I run my business with.

The computer that holds at least five years worth of productivity.

Not to mention all my accounting files.


It's not good.

So here I sit with my laptop, blogging.

Yes, in the past we were very careful about backing up...especially the business stuff. But one gets careless or lazy after awhile, trusting in a hardrive like will be there for you as sure as the sun rises...

until it isn't.

And you remember why you used to have a back up.

But, the big business of data retrieval proves that we are not the only ones to have slacked off. Others have risked the loss of years of work taking for granted that it will always be there.

Truly it would have been better if the house had burned down...

At least that is insured.

So the mood is a little glum here today. We will send my poor hardrive off to the retrieval gods tomorrow in hopes that they can score some files.

But for now I am trying not to think about all that is lost.

it's not good.;-(


I am sending out good vibes to the retrieval gods that they can save your files. I know how it feels and will immediately back-up as I have slacked off also. Thanks for the reminder. Be positive all is not lost.

AAACK! That is not good.

The retreival gods at a Big Box Store did miracles with my husband's pc - praying for the same miracle for you.

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