day one: at sea

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Coming off of a trade show that involved three days of standing (one for ten hours) while fighting off flu symptoms and jet lag and (for some reason) inability to sleep well brought both Bryan and I to a ready place for some R&R. Packing our gear up, getting a taxi, and heading for the cruise terminal should have been exciting, but I was feeling a deep sense of exhaustion that at a point of reflection in our taxi, had me wishing we were going home.

This is only because the hoops that one often has to jump through while traveling just seemed overwhelming at that moment.

But, gratefully, upon getting out of the taxi we were greeted by someone willing to deal with our excessive luggage, and because I had filled out all of our cruise immigration info online the process of getting on the ship took about fifteen minutes.


This is when I started to get excited.

This evening, however, needed to remain low key as Bryan was burning off some bug that had him running a fever that night in our stateroom.

This is when it is really great that you are on a ten day cruise instead of a wimpy 4 day or even 7 day. You feel as if you have a few spares to burn on "off" days, or seasickness, or whatever.

The next day was a day at sea which was absolutely perfect except for the very early room service that I ordered to surprise my mate (oh yea there was an hour time change at sea). He seemed pleased even with the early hour as we relished breakfast in bed at 5:30 am and then went back to sleep to awaken to a leisurely day at sea. The rest of the week would have us enjoying breakfast this way with the exception of one day not having an order card available to hang on our door and another day wanting to see what breakfast in the dining room might be. A few extra items on the menu but apparent by the rest of our trip spent getting room service, wasn't worth getting out of bed for.

Seriously, I would go on another cruise, just to have someone serve me breakfast in bed again for ten days in a row.... personally I think that is what heaven will be like.

A day at sea represented a "you don't have to do nothin'" day in my mind. It is weird, but when you purchase tickets for a cruise, if you are like me, you may be tempted to cram every thing the ship offers in "included" whether you want to do it or not. For instance, there were broadway style shows every night. We caught part of only one in our 10 days. Again the duration seemed to give us permission to just chill and not feel pressured to catch every event.

We did, however attend the art auction, which I am particularly fond of after doing it on Princess. I love these things, I don't know why...

could be the free champagne.

But on such a small ship it became clear who would be at the art events and wine tasting, or the chipping challenges(golf), or the sing-alongs.

Ok, it was definitely an older clientele, but we knew that going in.

We fit into two catagories. Art auction, wine-tasting, library-lurking, cappucinno drinking clientelle. And, scuba divers...

which pretty much put us in a class by ourselves.

here is bryan in our stateroom getting fitted for his tuxedo. three nights were formal.


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