The Costco Dilemma


In keeping with the efforts of a mammoth remodel project like our backyard, we have been scouting for the right low maintenance plants to put in our tiered walls. As is our nature we have looked for the last couple of years comparing and pricing so that when the time was right we could purchase. A ground cover juniper was where we had finally landed but to fill our walls was going to take a lot of plants and so the sticker shock of the local nursery of 37.99 per plant had held us back.

Until this weekend.

We needed to replenish our supply of grilling spices. Costco is where we get this. So hoping to pop in and pop out with one small container of grilling spices we were suddenly faced with what I like to call the Costco Dilemma.

And you know what I am talking about.

Unless you put blinders on and make a bee-line for that single purchase you are bound to have been faced with the Costco Dilemma.

Unless you have no-buy superpowers and are impervious to the temptations that are available at the consumers mecca you are bound to have been faced with the Costco Dilemma.

But we went and what did we bump into(no blinders or superpowers here) but pots and pots of Blue Rug Juniper.

at 11.99 ea.

crap. The Costco Dilemma. And it is even worse when it is not an "impulse buy" but something you were actually shopping for.

So you can probably guess the end of this story. 4 trips to three different Costcos and we had enough plants to fill our back walls and landscape the front of the house.

yea, we ended up getting the giant Leland Cypress and Nandinas that they had too. Oh, and the Heleri Holly that will make beautiful hedges.

Lord knows we have more important things to do, but fall is the right time to landscape and so one needs to consider timing when living in a four season part of the country. And of course there was the Costco Dilemma. It kind of forced our hand.

And since I know we are not the only ones, and confession is good for the soul...what thing did you buy when faced with the Costco Dilemma?






you guys are so funny/awesome

i confess; I quit going to Costco for this very reason - I have no self-discipline when it comes to the Costco dilemma. The final straw was buying a microwave after 10 years without. I hate microwaves and every time I clean it, I curse Costco (gently and Quakerly, of course.)

Yes I have faced that dilemma and looking at your car I can see why it gave out. That's why we have a truck. Costco and Home Depot our second homes.

the pics of the shrubbery (i can't say that word without thinking of the knights of NI) sticking out of the back of your car makes me laugh!

moving fixed my dilemma - no costco. only a sam's club and it's 2 hours away and i won't support walmart instead.

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