the last haul


But wait there's more...

Upon using our trusty Sebring in its maximum hauling capacity it began to make a horrible wheezing sound. It lumped along throughout the weekend hauling a total of 46 plants.

But after taking it to the shop on monday we got the sad news...

Apparently the Junipers were its last haul.

This family vehicle that we have driven for years in all kinds of weather, hauled countless projects, moved stuff, top up, top down...

has breathed its last.

We will miss you Sebring.

Hey, do you think they sell cars at Costco?

in 2002 hauling lumber with bryan's dad.



does this mean we're getting a scion?

or maybe a giant truck, for my paintings?

I am laughing my head off. Like I said this is why we have a truck. I think Daniel has a good point. Of course I guess he is assuming he would get to use it(note comment about large paintings).

P.S. I am really sorry to hear about the car and yes they do sell cars through costco. So beware.

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