mid coffee finance travesty



In the middle of my morning coffee I return a call to a card company because someone has apparently been spending our money. It has happened to everyone at least once, but this, in fact is our first.

such a violation.


I can handle the fact that maybe our number got stolen off of some internet order somewhere.

I can handle the fact that this is the price you pay for the convenience of not using cash and shopping online.

I can even handle the fact that some dishonest person decided to go on a spending spree using our card.

But what I CAN'T handle is what they bought...

a DELL computer.

I may never recover.

However, I am sure that the fact that this family are mac fanatics to the point of religion alerted the credit card gods. I am certain that the bells and whistles and sirens that sounded the minute that the word DELL hit the credit airwaves is what alerted our card company.

clearly not an anderson purchase.

From our very first mac plus and my beloved LC to Daniel's blueberry and lime imacs, to various powermacs, powerbooks, all the way to my dual G5 not to mention all the other apple products, monitors, ipods, etc...

The apple hardware we have in this house could wire a small country.

So upon being asked various security questions in clearing up what purchases we have made in the last two days, the card representative said the word DELL and I began to laugh.

He figured.

Our consistency is apparently what saved us.

If only we had bought stock in apple along with my LC.


that is hilarious

i checked my card and nothing seems to be out of place. good catch for you guys.

If only the person who used the card only knew, they would feel really stupid. BIG HIT ON THE FOREHEAD, THEY COULD HAVE HAD A MAC!!! We had someone use our Visa number one time, they were in Bulgaria or Hungary or some such place. When the card company called she laughed and said " Well apparently your not vacationing in ....." I just was amazed that someone that far away had gotten hold of our number and tried to use it. It really is a small world and gets smaller all the time. Glad you caught the ill deed. Of course anyone who knows you guys knows that you have big Mac apples floating over your heads and that the word DELL would set off alarm bells, sirens and a flashing neon sign all around your house.
Can't wait for our party in the desert.

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