dropping the ball

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Doing business lately has been a drag, like swimming upstream everything seems to have resistence and take more effort then usual. I am trying hard to not get tweaked. It seems like everyone (including myself) is dropping a ball somewhere. In going to pick up prints from my printer he had neglected to do all of them and made us make a second trip. After spending countless hours at the dealer and filling out all the forms for our new car, we drove away only to get a call that they needed another signature on something. Little things left and right that just seem to pile up into annoyances that chew up time that could be spent on better things.

people dropping the ball.

Bryan and I are exhibitors at the National Outreach Convention. avisualplanet.com is a sponsor and so early november has us trotting off to san diego for three days to stand in one of those little booths and make eye contact with future subscribers. This is great. One of the things we get to do as sponsors is add something avp to the swag bag. We were throwing in our Crown of Thorns CD. It is a project that I am personally proud of and it gives us a chance to reduce old inventory.

So I go to ship said inventory(2500) units to its destination and realize that somehow I had miscounted. Thinking that each box stored in my studio held 500 CDs I realized at this late date (stuff is due next tuesday) that each box only holds 100. How in the world did I miss this?

Ever have one of those moments that you really feel like you have lost your mind. That you are so sure of something that you make plans around that something only to find out that your initial "something" was wrong?

dropping the ball.

The horrible thing about dropping the ball(for anyone, I think) is that it leaves you scrambling. Plug in whatever scenario you want but that remains the same. When I pointed out the number of prints to my printer, he realized his mistake and apologetically kicked into scramble mode. My missing my count will delay our shipment, probably launching someone else into scramble mode.

so sorry.

I hate scramble mode. For anyone. You can feel a person's state of calm get sucked right out of a room when they have to launch into scramble mode.

I am presently in scramble mode.

And what is worse is that there is a domino effect that gets passed on.

Like "pay it forward", only not in a good way.

Maybe it is the season. The summers end leaves everyone a little lulled and not quite on their game. Fall demands its upgrade and...

we all drop the ball...

and launch into scramble mode.


I photographed these little guys at an orphanage in cordoba mexico. They are a reminder to me that nothing should ever rob our peace enough to treat one another any less.

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