sniffles texas style



There is a saying that goes "They make things bigger in texas."

Apparently that includes flu bugs.

The last ten days I have had a whopper of a bug. Coming back from mexico I was feeling in the peak of health having sucked up some fresh mexico humidity and my share of fresh black beans and rice. I had even lost a few pounds.

But a day after I had arrived home it knocked me on my butt, leaving me sniffling on the couch pumping in orange juice and chicken soup until I was floating. The thing is I didn't get the bug from mexico. It was a little treat that one of the lovely texan gals was carrying around and apparently (unknowingly) passing on. Bryan had mentioned to me a couple of days into my flu that he saw a CNN report on flu season showing one of those maps that show which states are being hit hard by the flu. Texas glowed red. So of all the nasty potential bugs I could have gotten from mexico... I actually got one from texas instead.

I just had to go all the way to mexico to get it.

And what a lovely souvenir to bring home to my husband along with the hand painted terra cotta espresso cups. Yes he caught it too.

So for five days Bryan and I looked like bookends on our couch passing the box of kleenex back and fourth.

What can I say...

Don't mess with texas. ;-)

lovely little espresso cups and a wool shawl were the take home items from my trip.


Wow sorry to hear your not feeling well hope you are on the mend. If you have the energy to get to a health food store try some Sambucol it is for viruses like flu. it is supposed to be very effective. Love the cups.
Big Sis

hope you're both feeling better soon!

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