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Totally hunkered down this week attempting to power through a huge to do list. Soon spring will be upon us. Though I can hardly wait for spring, I am painfully aware that the household chores planned for outdoors will take over and so I need very much to get some serious indoor work done. Photo collections to assemble, digital art to produce, and of course...


FAFSA, taxes, and the mundane everyday stuff that I have let slide and pile up is all... well, piled up.

Its an icky feeling and it wont go away until the papers do. I would much rather do the creative stuff, but even that seems overwhelming right now.

Why in the world is there paperwork? I mean really. The amount of energy alone it takes to sift through daily junk mail could be used for much more noble causes. Wouldn't the world be a much nicer, healthier place if we didn't have paperwork? No paper work would mean people's stress levels would go down and that would mean less heart disease and premature death. The earth would be healthier too because of the reduced waste and therefore less pollution. As it is we are burying ourselves in piles of papers advertising things we don't need(more mental energy convincing yourself that you really don't need that big screen tv). Ugh.

Simplified life is calling. And of course it is on a beautiful sandy beach.


But for now, patience,

and paperwork.


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