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Back home from an amazing few weeks. Us Andersons tend to pack in the fun when given the chance we don't waste a moment to cram in memorable experiences. I am such a lousy blogger (in the universal rules of blog-being daily upload) that I have to back date my experiences as I record what I can remember from the last few weeks of fun. But in a nutshell here are some highlights until I get a chance to fill in the blanks...

1. Amazing cherry waffles on Christmas morning made by my Sis.
2. Scottsdale art galleries
3. Dinner out with family-cowboys and indians
4. Mom's delicious rum cake
5. Fireflys at Phoenix art museum
6. Chats with mom
7. Arcosanti stay in sky suite
8. Meeting cool artsy people there
9. Info gathering for Exnihilo (bahamas project)
10. Sketches of nine new works at sunset
11. Montezumas Castle and Sedona red rocks
12. Shooting the moon
13. 20th anniversary massage
14. Many heartfelt spiritual conversations
15. Driving past a vortex
16. 6 gallery cold calls
17. 2 helicopter rides
18. 1 crunched rental car
19. 1 Soleri Bell
20. and a bright new shiny diamond ring.



i can't wait for details (and pictures)!!

so excited to hear about the cold-calls. i have been thinking so much about sitting in a gallery filled with your art. i finally framed the embrace image you sent me (so kind) and it's in our bedroom, and it moves me deeply each time i see it.

it actually takes my breath away.

seeing them all full size and together would be so incredible. i think i'd drive south just to experience it!

I was going to ask about the ring, but then I looked up a line or two = crunched rental car? Wha?

nice to see you back in the 'sphere..

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