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Having recapped I can now move onto what I would hope for 2007. And I do realize that my list is more of a realistic list of goals than a truly MONDO BEYONDO list that should include only the most outrageous hard-to-reach goals.

But hey, it's my list.

And it is amazing how writing something down makes it one step closer to reality. I'd swear by it. Something about declaring your intentions to the universe even if in a simple blog gives a little push that gets cosmic wheels in motion. Maybe it is simply taking the prompting of the spirit seriously when otherwise we might set aside such dreams because we feel undeserving, unmotivated, or even afraid. Pish-posh.

So here are my hopes for 2007 in a handy little no-pressure list;-)

The big ones...
1. Complete the designs for the buildings for Exnihilo. This involves the help of architects and advisors along with oodles of research on my part regarding bahama law, green building, and a zillion other details. If this time next year I can check this off the list it will be truly MONDO.

2. Turn the tables on father time. Or more concretely, get in shape. I know, I know it is the ultimate in trite new year's resolutions, but I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am absolutely disgusted with the way I feel physically. Yes there is a vanity component because I don't like the way I look, but the larger issue is the way I feel. I have stuff to do, things to build, and feeling tired and weak does not fit into those plans. It is silly to have inspiration to paint this or create that only to punt the idea because of being too tired. Must fix this. Last year's yoga plan got derailed so this year I am going to try a more aggressive approach.

3. Take a class. This may seem like no big deal, but being in a class setting kinda freaks me out. But now many of my motivations are coming from the first item on my list and supports the building of that amazing place. So this year I am going to take a class on glass blowing. Chalk it up to research.

4. Finish the back yard. Our remodeling of our "shack" continues to be overwhelming so attempting to divide the projects up into pieces seems to help on some psychological level. Shooting for the completion of the back yard may actually be replaced by a bedroom remodel, or exterior improvements, or... well you get the idea. Last year we redid the pool and one bathroom.

The minor mondos...

5. Continue the painting journey. This requires being true to my artist date and not belittling the process. Remind myself not to fear the blank canvas and paint with the sole goal of exploration not results.

6. Continued collections creation for avisualplanet.com. Vague, I know, but, like I said, its my list.

7. Learn how to compost properly. Ok I know this sounds really funny, but it goes along with learning how to build green, being eco-friendly and all that stuff that in four-five years time we need to have nailed down to live bahama style. Plus I have a backyard full of leaves that could be a gold mine if I just intentionally put the stuff to good use.

8. Visit my FABULOUS friend Anita in France. Ok my minor mondo is now intersecting with her MONDO BEYONDO dream of living in France for a year. I plan on crashing her pad for a week or two with my guys in tow. Oh and by the way this list isn't in any particular order. France should never follow compost;-).

9. Photo trip to Mexico. End of January I am off to take pictures in vera cruz for a women's retreat. The challenge: get good pictures of faces. This is something that I want to be able to do better without staging. I want to learn how to get truly good candid shots.

10. Have more fun. Ok this sounds really silly and honestly I just needed a number ten. But my husband had this great idea of creating a weekend "options list". Unlike a to-do list which implies chores and obligations, we are compiling a list that includes fun things that we might like to do on the weekends. This can be anything from checking out a new exhibit at the smithsonian to driving to new york for a show. The point is to have something to refer to when we just have to get away from the house which is a bottomless pit of musts and should-dos that can drive us both crazy if we let it. We love all of our remodeling projects, but sometimes you have to step away to get some perspective. Why do we need a list? Because when those moments hit us we are always asking each other..."What was that thing we wanted to do...you know that thing we saw the other day...what was it?"

Ok, that is the list. There are a zillion other little things that I hope to do but that would just reveal what an absolute list nut I am (like my 101 little project list-no lie) and that is not what the Mondo Beyondo is about. The big thing this year is the first one which has so many tentacles to it that it may be the only thing that actually becomes a reality. Even so that would be MONDO BEYONDO enough. Don't ya think?


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