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Just like every other average jane out there I am low on blog due to what seems to be "that time of year". Ok, granted some of you are so faithful to the daily writ that I am in awe of your commitment. For me, the lack of blog is an indication of things more pressing and that I am less organized than I would like to be.

Big surprise there.

Lots of thoughts have been tripping across my brain of late considering worthy news items that need poking fun at, or the normal cultural holiday misunderstandings that inevitably rear their ugly head this time of year... so much fodder for the blog.

But instead I am shifting into overdrive to do all the mundane things that must be done before the fun things. Like eating your broccoli before dessert, I am doing... business books, laundry, dusting, prelim packing, wrapping, cleaning out the fridge, more laundry, addressing envelopes, blah blah... you get the idea. It is probably similar at your house too.

The wretched part of it is that yesterday the UPS truck finally delivered my HUGE shipment from So I have sitting in my studio a years supply of different sizes of crisp white virgin, waiting-to-be-painted... canvas.


And, just like I advise all my artist friends, I DO have a place all set up on a perpetual basis in order to pick up a brush on a whim. But today it just sort of taunts me.

There are other things to do.

But the happy side is the anticipation of travel and seeing family. Daniel is home from MICA, Bryan will be taking time off, and we will all soon be off to the desert to visit family and spend time together and get a little rest to help gear up for 07.

We could all use the break.

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merry christmas blair! can't wait to see what fills those canvases!! hope the desert is an inspiration and a great, great place of rest.

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