tea with musolini

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At the urging of my oh-so-smart older sister I netflixed Tea With Musolini and watched it last night. A great movie with a wonderful cast of women that I all admire, I loved it. But not just for the acting but for scene after scene shot in florence and the surrounding hill towns of tuscany that I fell in love with two summers ago. Throughout the movie I kept saying, "oh look, we stood right there!" Or "Yup, sat on those steps". Amazing feeling watching it. Then Bryan and I watched Michael Tilson Thomas narrate the Right of Spring. This series is making me interested in classical music again.

All work aside for today. Now I am off to spend the friday-artist-date in front of a canvas with a brush in my hand. Woohoo!

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I knew you would like it. It is such a wonderful movie with such rich characters and beautiful acting. I absolutely love Joan Plowright in this film and Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and well, lets face it they all are marvelous in this film.

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