signing off for awhile


Bearing down on work this week (after my unproductivity last week) I am giving into the blitz and need to focus. Oodles of work to prepare for seasonal stuff on the planet which begs the need to sign off for a while. Blogging is my sanity brain dump and my form of "scrapbooking" of life, but it is time to unplug for awhile. Preparations for thanksgiving break, Daniel being home from school along with Bryan being home next week before starting a new job at Laureate as their new "Senior Multimedia Producer", has me wanting to get a boat load of work done before the end of the week. I also need to power-up in order to "be present" for that week. So... time to fly silent for a bit.




Have a wonderful blog break and get a lot done we will miss the wonderful pics and insights. See you at Christmas and have a great Thanksgiving.
Thanks loads for a wonderful trip and putting up with your whacked out sister it was a great time especially Jaleo.
Big Sis

hope you're catching up and will be back to us soon. even if it's just a superhero woman art update picture! :) miss you!

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