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Can you go on a date if you have been married just shy of twenty years? Hmm...


Saturday morning Bryan and I headed out for just that. What we call playing hookie (from all the domestic chores like yardwork) is essentially going on a date in our new normal of being empty nesters. For some reason Adams Morgan has had an appeal of late so we went down there and checked out some of the cool shops, street vendors, and restaurants.

Here is Bryan checking out the tambre of a drum in this shop that imports goods from all over. Not just trinket stuff but really awesome fabrics, furniture, and clothing. I found a yummy all wool sweater made in Nepal.


Stuff at the Brass Knob, this great little shop that specialized in restoration of old brownstones. Scads of antique hardware.


Here I am at L'enfant coming up from having my head in a bowl of capuccino. Swallowing and trying not to laugh as Bryan snaps this oh-so-flattering picture. No one looks good mid-swallow!


The crepes at L'enfant.


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