an afternoon at the symphony

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We we graciously given tickets (by Celine's mom) to join Daniel and Celine, and her mother Mary Beth to a performance of Night on Bald Mountain, Pastoral, and a new piece that used themes from Hildegard von Bingen at the

We all went out for dinner at this cool place that "the kids" love and go to often. I shot this while Celine was playfully moving Daniel's mouth like a puppet. Alas the shot is with a nasty flash because the room was so dark and I was trying hard not to laugh, so not the best pic but you get the idea. In fact, now I really wish I had got a pic of them at the concert hall. Everyone looked so beautiful all dressed up, a rare occasion for Daniel who would never be caught dead in a pair of dress pants. Celine managed to have him looking pretty gent-like in a velvet long-coat of hers. Go-girl! Although I felt like I had stepped back in time or into an interview with the vampire . Daniel's long hair made him fit into the victorian look very well(Lestat or Louis?). Celine had this sleek black gown with a back that did this sort of criss-cross strap thing that was cool. Topped of with long velvet gloves. Very pretty. We all chatted about the concert and other things over a bizarre menu. XS serves this amazing looking french toast which Celine ordered and I should have. Instead I defaulted to sushi which I should have known any restaurant with such a broad menu would not have good sushi, but oh well, the chai was good.


I have had an emotional rollercoaster of a time adjusting to Daniel being gone, but it is getting better. Watching him with Celine was good for me. They seem pretty good together...

and who would have thought that he would ever find an INFJ?!

A rare breed if I do say so myself!
(if this stuff leaves you in the dust check out the meyers-briggs reference ).

(I think I have been coaxing out my "f" after years of stuffing it in order to function in business acting like a "t". My "f" was so close to the fence that, as a female, I have always regarded myself as a "t" and have a lot of the behaviors to match. That has changed in the last 10 years)

Seeing Daniel with Celine, who is an introvert (I) and especially an IN (intuitive) is the real plus though because I think that is the difference that probably causes the most tension in relationships (extrovert vs introvert). Introverts tend to be misunderstood more easily because let's face it, every aspect of society tends to favor extrovertism. Labels like "shy" as opposed to "outgoing" (the latter being the more favored characteristic) never actually validated the uniqueness of a personality just enhanced a negative stereotype.

There is no such thing as "shy".

Growing up I was never "shy". Quiet, yes. But I wore that label for a while. It took me years (and that MB test) to realize that I wasn't crazy. What a relief to discover that it is a valid personality not some mistake of nature to be introverted. It royally ticks me off now when I see someone extroverted trying to change or "fix" an introvert, especially if it is in a disciplinary way, like an extraverted parent trying to "draw out" an introverted child. Argggh.

I have had a number of people try to "fix" me over the years (including myself) so I know how important it is for Daniel (as an IN) to be understood in this way. It may sound superficially biased but I think it takes an introvert to fully understand one, or at the very least makes it easier. I am so grateful that Bryan is an INTP. When the other person understands what it means to be socially tapped as an introvert, or that you have a social limit, then they don't try to force you to be more "outgoing". That word used to bug me so much because it always seemed to be the label for the popular, or those that were perceived to be successful. Expectations of culture can be pretty crushing for someone who does not understand that they don't need to fit into that mold. For me (until I finally took the test) I just kept trying to be extroverted, only to repeatedly crash and burn and feeling like a failure for doing so.

The test was pivotal to finally understand myself. Of course the knowledge would have been oh-so handy when I was in school when one is faced with so many of those pressures. But the knowledge has been very helpful over the years (I took it at 29) for continued self awareness and for understanding the nuances in relationship. I would recommend taking the test to anyone.

Anyway, it does my heart good to see my son so happy. Ahh... to be young and in love.

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