spirit wind progression


My artist friday merged into saturday as I continued work on spirit wind (or super-hero girl). Still much detail to finish, but it is progressing nicely. Thin places seem less restricting in this character, plus there are multiple dimensions that I am experimenting with. She seems to move fluidly thru all.




she's more beautiful each day!

like it so far. Check out Jordan's Cafe Night He is the one with the mustache and black shirt.


Blair, I had to tell you about how Heather, my 16 year old daughter who is living in San Diego with my sister, wears a supergirl cape t-shirt to school in the hopes of attracting friends who resonate with her spirit. Your painting so fits the image I have of her wearing her supergirl t-shirt and trying to find where she fits in. Of course I forwarded her a copy. Hope you don't mind. Hugs, Jane

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