thunder that rattles your teeth

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The next morning we scheduled to sign the papers at nine AM. At dinner Pierre asks us in his french accent, "Did you get your land?"

Not yet, but tomorrow we sign. My heart skipped a beat just saying it.

By now everyone in every cabin knew the business of each other and even Pierre was interested in the news. Pierre was a bit mopey because the newlyweds had elected to have their reception at Max's instead of coming back to Chez Pierre. He wasn't hiding that he was hurt. At that point I was glad that we had rushed back to make it to dinner because three more missing people would have been too much for this already moody frenchmen.

That night we awoke in our cabins to the absolute worst lightening and thunder I have ever lived through. Our open air cabins became simple pass-throughs for wind and rain. Although we had had rain earlier in the week this night topped them all. It rained all night and into the morning.

At breakfast we managed to make it to the main dining lodge without getting drenched, but it was clear that we were socked in and weren't going anywhere. As the nine o'clock hour came and went we sat enjoying god's fireworks over coffee, me thinking about the missed appointment. Phones were out too so we just had to chill. Everyone in the other cabins were doing the same. A visiting french couple canceled their fishing. An english couple canceled their snorkeling, and we waited.

The newlyweds tripped into the lodge laughing and drenched presenting us with their email address wrapped in plastic as not to get wet. Very important info for us to contact them later with wedding video and pics. They were supposed to leave that afternoon but were obviously watching the weather. We all chatted about the amazing storm the night before and then topics shifted. Bryan said to Aaron, "We never asked what you do", (we had obviously shared what we did hence the video-ing of the wedding but had never discovered Aaron and Rebecca's chosen professions).

"I am an Architect, and Rebecca is a Landscape Architect".

Whoda thunk.

"We would love to help you with your project".

All I can say is that you never know when random acts of kindness may swing back around.

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Amazing and MONDO amazing. Can't wait to go for a trip. The pics of the fish are fabulous and I am sure there are even better ones.

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