may your garden grow sunflowers

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I have very little momentum today. Lots of work to do and I just want to crawl back into bed. Sometimes I think this comes from the normal rhythms of life and sometimes I think it (that feeling) comes from the fall, or at least what mankind made of the world after the fall. Sometimes even the simple tasks of living are like pushing boulders uphill. There is no escape because if you let go the boulder might crush you. But this morning I was reminded that it is often in isolation that those feelings plague most. Even as an introvert I can say that. Reading bobbie's blog reminded me that burdens shared are not as heavy. Even if the sharing is in the form of a single word. The bind that comes from similar experiences can be an encouragement. The wisperings of sisterhood can bolster the soul. Sisters may your garden grow sunflowers.


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thank you sister friend, this means the world to me!

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