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I actually tried to get back on track today. My attempt was met with internal resistance. When uncared for the creative process can feel like pulling teeth. I guess it is because I have been focused in other modes. When there is too much to do then something has got to give. So today I did as much domestic and business task as I could stand to keep myself from feeling guilty(or falling behind). A great deal of mental energy has been going towards Daniel's last days of high school, college forms and fees(something in the mail every other day) visiting relatives(more to come for grad next week), Mondo Beyondo developments that are tweaking my patience meter (or tempering it!), not to mention the typical domestic chores and keeping the planet in orbit.

In other time to paint.

But this morning I managed a very short session of yoga (even with that pesky vertigo) which felt great just for the sheer ordering that it seems to do to my brain. Then I was able to approach a small canvas and start a new work. I can't escape the moment though as what I sketched seems to visually express exactly how I feel right now. It is not celebratory like some of the others, but more contemplative and introspective.

Go figure.


she's beautiful!

I see self-nurture in this woman. My youngest son just walked by and said that's a pretty cool picture, I asked him what it spoke to him, and he replied it is the two spirits of the mind, one is Spirit, one is knowledge and when they work together or intertwine you can have spiritual insight that is birthed from within. I love how you draw.

Wow. Anj, your son is incredibly insightful. I heard the email "ding" and had to check it out. Now I sit here with wet paint brush in hand. What I have painted since this post is all in shades of green. Very much like a seed birthed in spring. I love the idea of knowledge and spirit intertwined. You are also right about the self-nurture I think. That was somewhere on a gut level but something I would not have been able to express verbally. Thanks so much!

Georgeous! Love the movement(Vertigo Maybe?). Can't wait to see it done.

I love the balance, it has a logarythmic quality - I can actually see numbers in the forms.

I know what you mean about "...getting back on track." I just have not yet fixed the "how to" for that. I'm beginning to feel that work is the antithesis of art.

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