the kid's first show


How wonderful it was to see people view Daniel's work. Someone mentioned to me how gutsy it is for someone so young to not only produce so much, but put it out there to be seen. It is a vulnerable state to put yourself in. The risk involved is how people critique. In our house we have often talked about the purpose of art is to leave the viewer changed after the viewing. Watching people view Daniel's work, and read the statements, I think he accomplished this. He left people with something to think about. It was a proud time for us as parents. We stood back lurking while trying to be invisible while watching him discuss his work and answer questions. He sold twelve pieces.

walking the space before the opening.


daniel next to "postmodern complex"

daniel and grandma jane next to "radiating sun"


you must be so PROUD!!

That is so cool, good on him!!

Amazing work. Hope to see some in person soon. You should be proud.

I'm so sorry I missed Daniel's show. Judging from what you've shown here, his work is amazing! Went to my see my daughter's paintings in the PBHS art show last week and so enjoyed it, especially when we found she'd won first place for one of her works.

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