chaos mode-wednesday


I know that work has slipped into chaos mode when I find myself sitting at my desk in my bathrobe without having taken the time to brush my teeth. It happens occasionally when there is lots going on and the plate seems too full that I am tempted to work and forego certain basics. Forget yoga, that went out the window way back. Some of it is the natural catch up after travel and some of it is the mass of paperwork that continues to plague me-domestic stuff, work stuff, college stuff. Stuff. Getting a brief breath of paradise makes the tedious seem that much worse. Why am I blogging this? To get back on track. Writing helps. Sorts out the order of things in my brain so that I can attempt to proceed efficiently.Nothing profound or interesting here. Just the untwisting of my brain.

On to work.

Oh. Maybe I better brush my teeth first.


good to know i'm not alone in this pj's at the computer thing!! off to brush my teeth too! the good thing is that chaos can breed inspiration and creativity!!

Ha! Computer chicks in bathrobes unite!

Atleast you are at your computers I haven't touched mine except for e-mail and Blair's blog and have actually left the house without brushing my teeth to take my child to school. Lord I hope I don't get stopped for something.

You mean you are supposed to brush your teeth before you take your kids to school?? Could it be that the chaos of spring is invading our space too? Or is that thought just another form of denial? Either way, I am with you all.

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