the romance of email, no movie moment


I must be a little old fashioned, but I was mildly disappointed when we got a forwarded email from the University of Maryland via Daniel that said this...

You have been admitted for the Fall 2006 semester to the University of Maryland! Welcome to the class of 2010.

I wasn't disappointed by the news of course, but by the vehicle. Silly isn't it? I was picturing the letter arriving in the mail and us standing by while Daniel dramatically ripped open the envelope to reveal what might be his future. You know, the movie moment.

Instead we got an email. Forwarded by our son.

Bryan and I were sitting on the couch watching the olympics at the time (Bryan's laptop glued to his lap as always) when we heard the familiar email beep. We read it and then went downstairs to Daniel's room and tapped on his door. We opened his door and he turned to us and smiled.

Ok, I guess that works as a movie moment too.

Congrats Daniel! We are sooooo proud of you!


Ohhh...I think that's a pretty cool moment!!

No 'thick envelope'/'thin envelope' suspense? Sigh...I am so old.

How will Ian get news like this in 17 years? Will it be broadcast to an implanted reciever?

We have started receiving the promo stuff from universities, some letters most via e-mail. But the thought of an acceptance letter coming via e-mail blows me away!! I am happy to hear this news.

CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL!! What great news however you received it. It does seem a little weird but now I am prepared for that moment in two years. I probably would have deleted the message thinking it was junk e-mail. What's next in the process? Will you live at home the first year or on campus? Congrats again

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