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High gear today and wouldn't you know it. Not enough time for everything buzzing in my head which if you have read my typical tuesday posts it is...well atypical. Maybe it is because yesterday was a snow day that the rhythm is off. Today is in a good way.

I have to decide on something that I don't know about. Emerging Women Leaders (or whatever that has become or fractioned into) is doing a publication (calling it a journal) and was asking for submissions from some of those of us who had been involved in the past in whatever form. Although I initially sort of salivated at the idea of submitting an article (some sort of ego induced maniacal idea because although I can write, so many of these women really WRITE which means they are GOOD and have something to say.) I am shying away from the idea of including my written 2 cents in favor of an artwork submission. It is what I really do after all. Hmmm. thinking. Of all the digital stuff I have done I keep landing on Dancing in Thin Places, or Sisterhood because their content just fits the intention for the publication. That means opening my fist and setting them free for the sake of print and that is my dilemma.

My gut says yes. I don't know the format of the publication but I do know it is in full color and that is key. If the purpose of the publication is to encourage women in ministry the last thing they need is another rant, but maybe an image that inspires.

Hmmm... what to do.

I need to go eat my lunch and take a walk.

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