a poem from Daniel


we have only just begun

run across the desert sands, holding a walking stick to guide you pointed north.
if we take these steps, we take them for good;
there is no turning back.
so please, sun, lighten my hand,
moon, show my feet,
here is the offering:

Muse, guide my hand
reveal worlds inside.
dear God, find my soul to save:
father-god, find the child you built and teach him,
give him wisdom to follow the Word.
mother-god, love your son and give him fertile soil of chaos,
root his mind in windy Peace;

spirit, haunt me,
strings, touch me;
knowledge, caress me,
prayer, carry me
writing, free me
painting, show me
void, swallow me
heaven, comfort me
sound, awaken me
sun, shine on me
moon, still me
tribe, discipline me
nation, root me
peace, find me
contemplation, reveal in me
destiny, become me

while i walk desert sands.

¬ĚDaniel Anderson


Wow! Blair - this is am amazing poem. Amazing!

...ditto our dear friend, Anj!

...may I have permission to reproduce this from your son?

...how do you want me to give the proper credit?



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