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It keeps coming up so there must be something too it. If not an actual opportunity then maybe some lesson to be learned, I don't know which. Daniel's teachers have persisted in their encouragement for him to go to art school. Ironic that me being the artist that I am may have blinders on to the possibilities here but far be it from me to slam a door that may be swinging open for my son. Although our sights have been set on university of maryland, the teachers continue to tout MICA and so this keeps coming up in our house. This little saga keeps unfolding in fits and starts and this week is an example. Two nights ago Daniel was assembling large chunks of painted canvas into a hanging sculptural piece with metal and chains and other such things to be hauled to school for photographing. Last night there was the discussion at dinner about MICA classes being offered at Daniel's HS for college credit starting next week. Teachers are saying Daniel must go...

And then there is this morning.

There is a MICA recruiter at Blake right this minute previewing portfolios. And because Daniel's work is so HUGE he apparently gets some one on one attention with this person, and teacher said that this preview can amount to on the spot acceptance to the illustrious school (still have to fill out all the forms, of course...don't be silly). So Daniel left this morning with his large paper printouts of his digital work, and rolls of giant canvas.

So at this very moment someone may be looking at his work and making a decision that effects his entire future.

These are the times when I think life is truly interesting. How our paths are directed by opportunities that may or may not present themselves has always fascinated me. Although I think that I am a practical person I also like to jump off a cliff now and then. So we will see later today what was said and how things play out. Could be nothing. But if a door flies open, we will need to take a peek through it to see what may be next.




Wow- I used to wish that Way opening would be that obvious for me. From my distance, what is happening with Daniel seems so exciting.....but then I know feel the gut stuff when I think about my oldest. All the same, I can't wait to read more...

Hopefully I am not being myopic and can be open to whatever the true "open door" really is. I guess it is sometimes hard to see the things closest to you.

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