rainy days and tuesdays


I am woefully effected by rain. Today it is raining. And it is tuesday which somehow doubles the woe. And to top that my house is a mess. Inclement weather has brought a number of recent power outages to our house. One which lasted four hours. Four hours seems like nothin unless everything you use to run your life tends to run on electricity. Business, cooking, entertainment, even housework is all subject to it to some degree. So last week I was mildly frustrated that my work week kept being interrupted by the pesky power-out. Now the power is on.

But it is tuesday.

And it is raining.

And I have the mental acuity of a blowfish.

Some of this particular emotional drag is about the rain, and some is probably my natural rhythm of creativity vs down time, and some of it is because I am female.

So even though the power is on, I can't seem to power-up. The day seems huge with too much catch-up to do so it is time to employ another tactic to tackle a day that might go to waste because I feel like I am in slow mo...

10 minute steps.

A lot of things take ten minutes. Loading and unloading the dishwasher for example, is roughly a ten minute chore. Focusing, truly focusing on just one thing and not worrying about the others takes me some discipline. And being a "J" (INTJ) I have a nagging need for closure. So today I will take 10 minutes at a time and celebrate that 10 minutes before moving onto the next. Until I feel like I don't blow...


I apologize for posting this as a comment, but I can't seem to figure out how to contact you. I am a pastor at a university church (Clemson, SC)and writer and have been captured by your thin places paintings. I should have done this sooner because I have already used them a couple times as visual aids for teaching at our church, but I am wondering if I may have permission to use them for this purpose? If not, I apologize for past abuse. I am teaching on sexuality to a university group on campus tomorrow night and wanted to use your "love in thin places" piece then as an illustration of "one flesh." It is beautiful, sensuous, sacred.

Winn Collier


No problem. I am thrilled that this painting strikes you in this matter. I is exactly as I intended it as it is a visual expression of the depth of my relationship with my husband. "Beautiful, sensuous, sacred", are perfect words for what I hoped to portray. Thank you for your words. Feel free to use this piece for your ministry.

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