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Here is my Mondo Beyondo list for 2006 (Thanks again to Andrea for a super idea)...

1. Continue to paint and have my new work in a gallery (somewhere) by the end of 2006. Having done the gallery thing with my metalsmithing years ago has given me a real sense of freedom in the journey of rejection that artists face. My new work was rejected by a gallery in chicago already (this December) and although that sounds like a negative thing, it is one step toward this goal.

2. Trip to the bahamas. Not just for a vacation but to scout. My really MONDO BEYONDO idea is to begin the process of buying a piece of land that will ultimately become a retreat center for artists to come to and renew themselves. I have such a passion for this I can't tell you. It is one of those so irrational crazy ideas that makes you think, no way, which is the true spirit of the MB mentality. All things go against it, finances especially but still it remains a burning desire. Ok, now I've written it. The secret's out. Don't tell!

3. Double's subscription base and artist's community. This is a lofty one because frankly I don't know the steps to get there. But if I don't write it, it will never happen, so this is the start.

4. Start a project with avp that involves a whole new concept of video for churches. I can't say more, too hush hush.

5. See my son off to college. Although the hope is that he attends UMD locally, it is still a transitional milestone that I look forward to in 2006. Maybe not so Mondo Beyondo, but my realistic goals are mixing with my really big goals.

6. Adding a garage to our house. Getting the addition built that includes an apartment for young son if he goes to college locally. As a family it is also apparent that we desperately need larger creative space which this will hopefully incorporate. Wood turning for Bryan, More painting space for me. Ceramics and painting for Daniel (he recently did a nine foot canvas at school). Oh yea, and a place to park the car!

7. The continuation of an incredible spiritual journey. More study about history. A real focus on the person of Christ and his teachings in contrast to Paul and his teachings where the institutional church seems to be dwelling (IMHO). More exploration into contemplative practice and soul work that takes time (which our culture seems to have programmed out of the collective consciousness).

8. See my husband begin the process of getting his master's degree in Ethnomusicology. Ok maybe this shouldn't be on my MB list, but oh well...

9. Continue yoga, but add more advanced moves and some other aerobic exercise. More importantly not to focus so much on how I look, but how I feel. Having gained weight this year and becoming irrationally obsessed by how I look which is uncharacteristic for me, I need to re-calibrate the attitude.

10. Buy a red dress. Need I say more?

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Oh Blair, sometimes you make me laugh, ala buy a red dress, and most times you inspire me. I am working on good-byes that were said in 2005, and then i want to do my own Mondo Beyondo. I work at my own pace, but I hope to get to this soon!

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