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Back from the holiday, back at my desk, back to work, back home. I can't believe how December just sort of vaporized but here I am.

This year we headed north to spend some quality time with Bryan's parents and company getting the chance to see family and all that means. Seeing the changes in everyone (including us!) is always fun. The cycle of life was very present on christmas day. We laughed at the newest additions to the family, Bryans brother and sister-in-law's four month old twin boys bouncing in tandem in their jolly jumpers. While on the other side of the living room sat Bryan's aged grandfather who struggled to remember our names. It was bittersweet having so much joy and yet looming sorrow in the same room. It was a week of feasts and chatter, gifts and catching up on who got married, who got divorced, who was born and who died. Being all to overwhelmed by crowds of any kind I totally zoned out on taking pictures, and am astonished at how few I have arriving home.

Now I am decompressing. And I have a cold, which isn't surprising.

It is good to be home.

a picture of the twins taken by their father Brent.


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